Why You Need Money Generating Assets Today





Everyone wants to get rich and in doing everyone thinks it will solve all your problems. People want to know how to get rich and they say they will do whatever it takes. Well in order to be rich ( by rich I mean being able to support multiple generations in the family) one of the largest factors is creating ASSETS. This is one of the most important roles to GENERATING MONEY that will support you and your family. It took me awhile to learn this concept of needing ASSETS.

I want to first define what an asset and liability are. The true definition of an ASSET is something that puts more money in your pocket than taking it out of your pocket. A liability is something that takes out more money from your pocket instead of putting money in your pocket. Many people believe owning a house is considered an ASSET but the truth is more likely it’s not. The reason why is because you are taking money out of your pocket to pay the mortgage and it’s more than going into your pocket. Even if the house is worth more than you paid it is still a liability. 

One way to make a house an ASSET is having tenants and renting out the space paying the full mortgage and plus some to. 

I never knew how many things were liabilities and you learn really fast that liabilities can be bad when you lose your job or you’re struggling to pay bills everyday. I looked at my current situation of liabilities and ASSETS and I am doing a 100% renovation. This was one reason why in the past I struggled so much financially because I own so many liabilities.

One of the easiest ASSETS that you can start today with little to no money is network marketing. One of the largest network marketing systems that I am a part of is EMPOWER NETWORK. This is an ASSET because I don’t have to do anything and it creates money for me even while I sleep.


This can be one of your ASSETS GENERATING MONEY for you right now!


I think most of us know that even the most secure job out there can always get rid of employees for some reason. So if this was going to happen to you do you have any assets? Or is you liability column filled up?

Don’t let this happen to you and create some ASSETS now!

Don’t get trapped doing what the middle class and poor class do financially. Buying hobbies, jewelry,  trips, and vehicles with all the money you had from working your hourly job. Instead create ASSETS and us its profits to buy these liabilities you feel is necessary.

So what are you waiting for?


Leave a comment below and tell me what you think an asset and liabilities are?  Do you agree with me? Questions?

The Best Online Business to Start






Well I’m going to be 100% honest here and tell you some of my best online business systems that I started. The most important fact about all online businesses is there only as successful as you are willing to make them. I know for me I am tired of working for somebody above me who’s racking in boatloads of money because I am doing most of the hard work. Don’t get me wrong the bosses I have had are awesome but I want to be the one making profits not wages.


Chances are if you are reading this right now you are in the same boat that I was in. It comes down to you deciding to change your life and change your daily routine. Anyways let’s get started…..


What is the best online business to start:


Well I started with the Online Pay Day System because it is a step by step process that allows me to start making money not only instantly but for FREE as well.


When I first started I asked myself why didn’t I know about this system before?


If it was so easy why isn’t everyone doing it?


These were just some of the questions I asked myself when I was just starting this business online just like you. I am going to answer them right now. The reason you haven’t heard of this system before is one because of how new it is and two because most other business owners do not know how to put it in front of the people. Yes as easy as this system is it’s just as easy not to do it. 


This has four steps and when you do all for steps you open up a world of creating endless possibilities. Not only are you going to make money from people but its residue income. 


The first two steps consist of helping companies like freecreditscore.com advertise and they pay you for it. After completing these two steps which takes all of minutes that allows you to start making money step three is my favorite. It is joining the team of Empower Network. At Empower Network they give you all the tools you need at a low-cost. The last step is just setting all the steps up together which allows you to make boatloads of money.

So where do you start?


This system is the best online business to start because of everything it gives you. It doesn’t cost a thing and you can start putting money in your pockets in just a few hours. You can do this because it is explained step by step.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t have any internet experience because like I mentioned before you will receive all the tools you need to get this thing going and putting money in your hand.

Plus I well be your coach to success as well and help you learn everything you need to learn to get to goals you plan on achieving with starting a business online.

So stop delaying….. and join now.



The Reality of Empower Network Products

What Are The Products Empower Network Sells?



Viral Blogging Platform cost $25


The first Product is the Viral Blogging Platform that cost 25$ dollars. Now this system they give to you is your own website that EMPOWER NETWORK has created for you to post your own personal niches or whatever you like. The truth is that setting up a self-hosted blog that is optimized for marketing is an extremely difficult task. Knowing where to place ads, placing ad copy in those ads that converts to leads, understanding the proper text to use (plus more), AND putting it all together, is a highly advanced skill.


 The Viral Blogging System was designed by marketers, for marketers. When you buy the blog it comes out of the box set up for marketing. A lot of people will pay thousands of dollars to have a blog designed, usually by a designer – and later find out that most designers do not understand how to market; design work and marketing are two separate skills that are not related. 


The VBS has a slick looking design, is fully custom to meet the individuals needs, and is set up to be optimized for your online marketing, if you buy it with the intention to use it for that purpose. Many people use it for personal use, or to market other businesses because it is much quicker, easier and ultimately more affordable than getting a self-hosted blog set up (when you consider everything it takes to set-up and host a blog, such as: monthly hosting fees, design costs, programming costs, and any additional services your outsource such as SEO and anything customized). 




The Viral Blogging System comes fully hosted, coded and designed for only $25 per month and is stocked and loaded with all these features and more…

  • Instant setup of your own “Viral Blog”

    Ready for you to begin posting content and marketing your business, product, service, or even personal content. You’ll be up and running within 30-seconds of creating your account!

  • Multiple Themes

    You will have the ability to choose from several “optimized marketing themes” that have been specifically created to include powerfully effective sales psychology built into them. This will ensure you convert visitors to your site into PAYING customers at the highest levels.

  • SEO Tool

    Included for you is a simple yet powerful Search Engine Optimization “smart” scoring tool that will automatically “read” each of your blog posts, and show you in simple text exactly what you need to include for the best chance of dominating the search engines. This will multiply how many people actually FIND your blog! (Marketers pay from hundreds, to thousands of dollars every month for this service—you get it for FREE!)

  • Drag and Drop Technology

    You can use to easily upload your own custom header and side banners to your blog. This does almost everything FOR you—all you have to do is click your mouse!

  • Built in “Viral Sharing Muscle”

    This guarantees you get the most exposure from every post you make, and compels readers to quickly share your content with ease and excitement. This means even MORE traffic to your blog, and MORE potential for sales or exposure.

  • Advanced “Viral Commenting” System

    Your blog comments will show up in real time and inspire even more “digital” conversations on your site. Remember, rave reviews, lively comments, and more helpful content are what people crave on your blog. There is NOTHING more powerful than the “social proof” coming from other people commenting on your blog, and we’ll help you to easily get LOTS of it every time you post.

  • Peace of Mind For You!

    You’ll never have to worry about installing anything, setting anything up, or “customizing” anything, unless you want to add your own header and company logo to your blog. We’ll handle all of the rest for you! Our skilled programmers work around the clock to ensure your blog is always view-able and available for your customers.


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Network Marketing is the Future Business

kiyosaki-network-marketing-businesses (1)




What is NETWORK MARKETING? Is it a real BUSINESS? Can you make money from it? These are just a few questions that I am going to answer for you because I once had the same questions before I got started some time ago.  Lets start with the definition of NETWORK MARKETING. The true definition is “a type of business opportunity that allows people to work part-time or full-time as a flexible business distributing products through NETWORKING.” So what does this mean you may ask? Well the answer is easy. In a better understanding NETWORK MARKETING is a business that reaches to people on the internet (mostly) to interest them in their products that they are already looking for.

traditional marketing

Network Marketing




Why wouldn’t you want to take the better way. We all know that the people at the top of any business make more money than those below it. I mean that is a fact. So when you can cut out the wholesaler and retailer you are that much closer to the top. Google answers over ONE BILLION questions a day. In one day google answers over ONE BILLION questions. Do you fully understand that? That means over ONE BILLION people a day are going on the internet and searching things. One Billion people is a huge market and wouldn’t you like to own your own BUSINESS in this market? I know after I heard about the gigantic market myself I joined.


So the next question “is it a real BUSINESS” and the answer is yes! NETWORK MARKETING is a real BUSINESS. Companies like Avon, herbalife, mary kay, and EMPOWER NETWORK are all companies that use NETWORK MARKETING in their BUSINESS.




People are making real money with NETWORK MARKETING and are able to be a very successful BUSINESS. Some of these BUSINESS owners are doing so well that it enables them to be able to do whatever they want whenever they want. Isn’t that the kind of life you want? Well it is the kind of life I want. There are so many people out there that your wouldn’t even know that uses a NETWORK MARKETING that help create them Millions of dollars. One person that comes to my mind right now as I am writing this blog post is Donald Trump.





So if he is able to create this great life for himself how do I create one for me? I am able to achieve this kind of life with a company that teaches everything you need to know and how to make boat loads of money doing it. That NETWORK company is EMPOWER NETWORK. There are tons of different NETWORK MARKETING companies out there but the reason I chose EMPOWER NETWORK is because they give you products (little expense)  that teach you how to make money online and how to be successful.


One of the main inspirational events that turned me to NETWORK MARKETING is my family. I want to be able to give them more and spend quality time with them day in and day out. I can’t stand it when my daughter says to me “daddy don’t go play with me” and I have to walk out the door and go to work a job making just enough to pay my bills. Life is too short and not being able to spend as much time as I can with the people I love just hurts inside. However, the thing about EMPOWER NETWORK is you can work whenever you want wherever you want and make money all on autopilot.


It is real hard work and doesn’t happen over night when you chose to work for NETWORK companies like EMPOWER NETWORK but it is a possibility that gives you the keys to success. You will hit road blocks but there is always a way around it and you must keep going. I recently found this video of the famous Will Smith and you must watch this.


He talks about how to be successful and how to just keep moving on even though you might fail. With EMPOWER NETWORK I will be your coach, mentor, and fellow friend that will help lead you to the path of being successful with me. I heard this saying from somebody long ago but can’t remember who but ” If you want to be successful you will find a way. If you don’t you will find an excuse”. This is that truth I think so leave me a comment below tell me what you think.



The Secrets to Dad’s making Money at Home



The TRUTH Behind Dad’s Making

Money At Home



I have done numerous different types of jobs in my life and all posing a possible way of life for me. There has been great money at some, perfect hours at a few, and outstanding ownership a couple. However, only one job I came across that has all three of these categories and that is Empower Network. It has been able to allow me to make great deals of money, work the owns I want, and be my own boss. The perks of all three of these also allows me to be a DAD MAKING MONEY at HOME.


This is one of the greatest feelings in the world! When you get to spend all the time in the world with your love ones at any moment of the day. Life is too short to not take this opportunity and be able to do this. I got a story I must share able a DAD that I use to work with at a past job.


I use to be a bartender you see and the MONEY  was great where I worked. I love being around people all the time and as a bartender you serve drinks and hangout with people until wee hours in the morning. Now one of my co-workers who I looked up too so much was one of the greatest bartenders and I had the honor to work with. He knew exactly how to MAKE MONEY and worked hard at it to get. While he was working the bar away from HOME he was also going to school trying to better himself in getting a degree.


After all this DAD had going on he was also married and had a daughter who was three. This is where it all comes HOME to me. He would come into work some days just super sad and I would ask him “What’s wrong”. He would reply “My daughter begged me to stay HOME  and play with her tonight”. Now at the time because I was still young and didn’t have a daughter myself I didn’t quite fully get this but I replied “all its ok bud you can see her in the morning”.


Now to make this story even more the thing about his daughter is that she has to take quite a few pills a day in order help her get through her day. Now you would never be able to see from the outside of this beautiful little girl but she has seizures so many times a month you couldn’t count them on your hand.


It wasn’t until I started a family of my own and had a daughter that I truly understood what my co-worker feel felt like when he had to come to work and leave his family at HOME. Enough was enough I couldn’t do it anymore and I came across Empower Network.


It was here I was able to become a DAD that MAKES MONEY at HOME and I could spend more time with my family. All you have to do is follow the simple three step program, work hard, and your dreams of being at DAD at HOME will be a possibility. The thing is there is so many other DADS out there that are also feeling the same way just like you that are creating MONEY from HOME and able to spend more time with those they care about. Check it out below…



This graph can pretty much answer all your questions so what are you wanting for? Join Now and be a DAD MAKING MONEY at HOME. If your are still just on the edge leave a comment below or go to my contact page.



Dads making money home

Empower Network FAQ

You’ve Got Questions? We’ve Got Answers! 

Everything You Want to Know about the ALL IN Team and How to Get Started With Your Basic Membership in Empower Network…!”  


What you will find below is a combination of both Video & Text, which answers some of the most popular questions that people have right before they make the decision to get started and join us in Empower Network.

Questions like; What is Empower Network? Who is the ALL IN Team? What are the Products? What Will You be Doing? How Do I Get Started? What Kind of Support is Available?

The best way to take advantage of this Information is to read each segment and watch each video to get your questions answered, and when you are ready to join our team, simply click on the Register Now button to start earning 100% Commissions.


So Who Are We, What Do We Do and How
Can You Start Making Money With Us?


How Much Money Can I Make?

The amount of money you can make is completely up to you. Without knowing who you are, your work ethic, or where you came from, we can tell you that the two most important factors that influence and impact your ability to achieve greatness and success in any business are your Mindset and Attitude.

If you get in right now with an ‘ALL IN’ mentality (giving this 100% of your energy), follow the step-by-step action plan we give you, and work furiously until you have a breakthrough, absolutely nothing can stop you from making any amount of money you desire.

There are people who join with the intention of making an extra $1000 to $3,000 per month and then there are others who consistently earn upwards of $1000 – $3,000 per day!

The amount of money you can make is completely up to you. Without knowing who you are, your work ethic, or where you came from, we can tell you that the two most important factors that influence and impact your ability to achieve greatness and success in any business are your Mindset and Attitude.

Is This “One-Time” Money or Residual Income?

Empower Network really has the PERECT Pay Plan, because every sale pays you both now, and later as your own Members continue using our Products & Services. This allows you to earn long term, passive residual income that will grow each and every month as you add more and more members to your team.



Can I Make Money Without a ‘List’?

This is a very common question for new marketers and the answer is… absolutely!

Because not only are you going to learnhow to build a list using your Viral Blogging System & Lead Capture Pages, but you are also going to learn how to market & advertise so that it doesn’t take a lot of people for you to become successful, only the right people.



Do I Need To Build My Own Website?

Building your own website is not only very costly, but very time consuming if you don’t know what you are doing.

One of the best parts of being a part of the ALL IN Team in Empower Network, and being an Affiliate of the Basic Membership is that you will receive your own Viral Blogging System, Lead Capture Pages, Video Sales Pages, Join Page, & Shopping Cart, already completely designed, programmed and ready for you to get started driving traffic, generating leads & making sales.




When and How Do I Get Paid?

Getting paid in any business is a result of doing the work necessary to create the results you want.

Every Friday, Empower Network pays Affiliates through a Merchant Provider called EWallet, and Affiliates can qualify to earn commissions from sales that come in, starting the 2nd week after their sale gets processed.



When Can We Meet In Person?

Empower Network hosts 3 or 4 large training events each year. They’re unlike any other company event or meeting you’ve ever seen and it’s a perfect opportunity to meet other people in the community, find out what top earners are doing to earn huge incomes and enjoy a new part of the world that you may not have experience yet. These events are fun, exciting and affordable for anyone. (Tickets for our last event started at $99.)



Where Do I Get Leads?

We’ve got you covered. The Empower Network products will teach you how to get HUGE amounts of traffic to any website. You will not be “buying lists of leads” or cold calling people. We’re going to show you the secrets of top-producing MARKETERS so you never have to worry about leads again!

We also have a Team Online Leads Co-Op for our Members who like to have guaranteed Lead Flow while they learn to generate their own.



How Can I Get Started?

Below in this final video, you will learn about our 3 Step, Proven Freedom Formula, and how Members of our Team have used it to not only launch their businesses, but how they’ve quickly risen to the top of the Company, as Top Affiliates & Earners, making life changing income, and having more lifestyle than ever before.




Written By: Aaron Rashkin Team ALL IN Coach


Just In….. Making Online Profits from Home!


Lets Make Online Profits from Home Now!


What is better working 40 hours a week and making 500 dollars or working 5 hours ONLINE from HOME and PROFITING 500 dollars? Which is better being your own boss and creating PROFITS that are endless or working for somebody and only able to make minimum wage? Would you rather wake up and work from HOME or travel numerous miles to work? These are all questions I asked myself before I decided what I am going to do the rest of my life. The decision was easy for me. I wanted to work from HOME and make PROFITS ONLINE


I have worked so many different jobs in the past each one working a hourly wage and I was capped off every week with how much money I could make. This was beyond frustrating to me because I knew I was more valuable than what I was making and unfortunately I settled. I was once told ” Most people that work at a job, work just hard enough not to get fired and make just enough not to quit”. I decided right then and there I did not want to go down this path.



I was always known as a hard worker and somebody who takes pride in their work. Well yes, that is me no matter what I am doing. I never understood the benefit of doing something and just going through the motions. It’s not only boring but there isn’t any type of satisfaction.  So as I work these hourly jobs instead of at HOME and ONLINE making PROFITS instead of a wage enough was enough it was time for me to start now!

They say just do it start now and to me at first being the perfectionist I am I wanted to know everything before I started. Well ladies and gentlemen, I was wrong here. I say this because there’s never going to be a time when I know everything. The the greatest thing about being your own Boss and able to make PROFITS from HOME ONLINE. There is always new tools coming out and strategies that are being perfected. So Just start now!


I searched and search information all about EMPOWER NETWORK when I was first told about how to make PROFITS from HOME. I finally decided that it was enough searching about it and to just do it. If I wanted to be my own boss and make money ONLINE then do it is what people just kept telling. So I did. I signed up with EMPOWER NETWORK like the link below to start making PROFITS ONLINE from HOME and it has changed my life. 


This system taught me everything on how to make PROFITS from HOME ONLINE. Since then I have developed my own website which was started from scratch and a team that will continue to be successful and make PROFITS ONLINE. I think everybody should give this a try because what other companies in marketing will give you 100% commissions? There aren’t any because I looked everywhere ONLINE to find one. The will ever guarantee your money back if you don’t think it is for you. So why wouldn’t you try something that has the possibilities to work from HOME and make PROFITS ONLINE that will allow you to do what ever you want whenever you want. Start now and click below to learn the truths behind EMPOWER NETWORK for yourself.


Why Join the Online Payday System?




The very first thing I did when I was told about how to make money ONLINE I joined the ONLINE PAYDAY SYSTEM. So some of you are asking what is it? Well the answer is easy. It is a system that allows you to make more money and is linked to your EMPOWER NETWORK. Anyway that can increase more money is a must in this business. Plus it is a free SYSTEM so why wouldn’t you want to take up on it. 


So back to the main question what is ONLINE PAYDAY SYSTEM? It is a  Four step process that a gentleman named Chuck Marshall made for his team members. He made this system for his team members to help his team make more money. When a client completes all four steps you get paid on referrals and make a good bit of money. On the other end it is costing your client nearly nothing especially when it comes to making endless amounts of money. 





The first step consist of setting up a account with express my cash freebies. This can be absolutely free if you pick the free offers that you must complete. Basically what happens is you must complete 1 Full Credit of offers and then that step is complete and you can move to step two.  After completing this step its allows you to get paid when you refer somebody. So all you have to do is get somebody to complete an offer and you get paid. Its that easy. 


The second step is basically the same thing except it is call double my cash freebies. Again you must complete 1 Full Credit to complete this step. Once that is done you get paid for referring somebody as well and its more than the express my cash freebies. So basically depending on the offers you chose you can do the first two steps completely free and just refer people on a daily basis and get paid ONLINE. This is what the offers page looks like. As you can see the first thing on the offer is “Credit Value”. You want this to be 1 because you need one full credit but you can do multiple offers to add up to 1 credit as well. Second, is the “Cost” tells you how much the offers is. Lastly the “Credits” is how long it takes to get the credit after you complete the offer.

opds2 step 2

So now you have two steps complete and can start making money. Now my cash freebies is great and you can do it without any money but its tough because one week you could have 20 people sign up and the next you could have 5 people. That’s why step three is soo important. This is my favorite step and is what will allow you to quit your other job and just make money ONLINE. Step three is signing up for a company known as EMPOWER NETWORK. This is where you can make all your money. Plus they give you the steps on how to sell there products or any products really at that matter. With is company you get 100% commissions I mean what other company does that. This the step that will change you life forever and create a future you would never imagine.

Endless Possibilities

Endless Possibilities

Lastly, you have step four which is basically creating the whole ONLINE PAYDAY SYSTEM just like you completed for somebody else to complete under you. This system that Chuck made allows you to be on autopilot so you can make money at anytime and anywhere.  That is one of many reasons I love this company. It allows me to do what I want whenever I want and still take care of my family. How many jobs can you say that. You are your own boss so you dictate how much time you want to put into it. I can say the more time the more money you will make. So why not get started today and make your dreams become reality!!!!! Be your own boss and make money ONLINE even while you are sleeping.